Sound Design


While it is obviously important to spend time creating great speech content for your podcast, the addition of music and background sound really brings it alive. It could be intro and outro music to identify the podcast, background sounds to add atmosphere and a sense of location or music playing under the speech (a sound bed). These additions make your production sound professional. Put simply - The more thought that you put into each episode the more chance you have of repeat listenership. If your podcast has a radio play format or you are telling a story through documentary, sound design, much like a movie soundtrack, will put it on another level.

Below are two clips from a radio thriller I was asked design the sound for.  The first clip is the bare dialogue from the two actors. In the second you will hear the ambiences and sounds that were added. The client wanted to portray a disfunctional call centre with background chatter and buzzing lights along with added sounds to add to the tension of the dialogue.

Plain dialogue
With sound design added

You can hear that background sound and effects give a much greater sense of reality. It makes a big difference to the listening experience.

An exciting addition to the services offered is binaural audio. A 3D immersive sound experienced with ordinary headphones. Find out more and listen to some examples here.

All projects are different. Some clients like a hands off approach and some enjoy a collaboration. Both work well for me. To discuss this more please contact me