Ambisonic ( Immersive ) Sound For Podcast Sound Design


Ambisonic sound is captured using a special, four capsule microphone and sophisticated software. When played back, the result is a 3 dimensional, immersive, soundscape that is far more realistic than ordinary stereo is.

Your listeners need no special equipment other than ear buds or headphones to experience a 360 degree soundscape.

This cutting edge recording technique is now available as part of the sound design service. It is excellent for audio plays and books as it grabs your listener’s attention and immerses them in the story being told.

In this example you are standing on the shore off the west coast of Scotland as the tide comes in around you in the late afternoon in July.

The Sea at Red Point

Ambisonics are effective in all situations and will give your production a wow factor that few other productions have.

Please contact me to discuss using Ambisonics in your production’s sound design.