Podcast Editing

The total number of podcasts & episodes on iTunes updated January 2020 is 850,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes. That is a rise of 300,000 podcasts in two years.

So how do you give your podcast the best chance of being heard repeatedly?

Podcast editing is something that should be considered. Your podcast will sound far more engaging and entertaining if it sounds professional. It means that:

  • Your podcast will be published to broadcast standards.

  • All the dead air, mistakes, umms and ahhs will be removed.

  • It will be tagged properly so people will find it easier to find you.

  • The use of music will also elevate your production, giving impact and emotion to the speech content.

  • Bespoke sound design gives your podcast a solid branding and makes the show sound professional & far more memorable.

  • High production values will help accelerate your success.


People of all abilities and experience choose to use an editor because:

  • They have little or no experience in mixing or producing audio.

  • They'd rather spend time working on things they enjoy, rather than editing/mixing audio files.

  • They feel reassured by having professional support behind them and their show.


Awesome - thank you! Massive learning curve for me but you’re making it much easier! 

Yet again John , you are a star 


An amazing job.

You are like an audio version of The Repair Shop

It's perfect, thank you John!

So grateful !!

Thank you

again John.

So helpful 

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